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Policies for Northern Glories
We care about our puppies/adults. This is why we have the following policies.  Each of our puppy and adult adopters must agree to the following:

1.   Our puppies/adults are being sold with a limited registration and are not allowed to be bred.

2.   Our female puppies/adults must be spayed by 7 months.  Our male puppies/adults must be neutered between 12-24 months old which will be determined by the size that the male puppy/adult is expected to be by Northern Glories when he is fully grown.  The age/date to be neutered/spayed by will be written on the genetic guarantee given to the puppy/adult buyer.  Neutering before the age on the genetic guarantee is fine.  Neutering by the age of 6 months gives the greatest behavior changes, however.  The general health and genetic guarantees will not be valid unless the puppies/dogs are neutered/spayed by the specified ages. Please click here to read our genetic guarantee.

3.   Vet recommendations for proper general health must be followed in order for our general health and genetic guarantees to be valid. Please click here to read our general health guarantee.  Please click here to read our genetic guarantee.

4.    Our large-breed puppies must be on large-breed puppy food from the time they leave us until the date specified on our genetic guarantee that we give to you.  Our medium-breed puppies must be on regular medium-breed puppy food from the time they leave us until the date specified on our genetic guarantee that we give to you.  Please click here to read our genetic guarantee.

5.    Each buyer of our puppies/adults must have proof that their puppy/adult is either on large-breed puppy food or on regular medium-breed puppy food for the required time frame by cutting out ONE label from the large-breed or medium-breed labels on the puppy food bag and saving it.  If anything would arise with your puppy/adult in regards to either of our guarantees, you will need to send this puppy food label to us. 

6.  The new owner of our puppy/puppies agrees to give a heartworm preventative monthly to the puppy and each dog that they own for the months of the year that their vet clinic recommends according to the area that they live in, but at least April through December for the colder states and year round for the warmer states for the entire life of each dog.

7.   The new owner of our puppies/adults agrees to keep their puppy/adult from us caught-up-to date yearly on all recommended vet shots.

8.  If anything is found to be wrong with your puppy/adult from us that is covered under our 2 guarantees,  for our two guarantees to be valid, the puppy/adult buyer must send us the following.  Also, in order to receive the AKC papers for an AKC puppy/adult, the puppy/adult buyer must send us the following first:

a.)  A vet-signed copy of the neuter/spay certificate with a vet stamp on it AND receipt for the neuter/spay.

b.)  A copy of the vet history from your puppy/adult from the time that you received him/her from us and adequate proof for the ESSENTIAL heartworm preventative given each month that you received your puppy/adult from us up until you send us all of the required information stated in these policies.

c.)  ONE large-breed or medium-breed puppy food label from the puppy food that you are using.

d.)  There may be a required need once-in-awhile for the puppy/adult buyer to send some additional vet information than what is stated here if we ask for it.

9.  a.) Each buyer of our puppies must give us the FIRST opportunity to find their puppy/dog a new home if they find for any reason that they cannot keep him/her, unless we mutually work out a different agreement (The new owner must fill out our required questionnaire which will include their name, address, email address, and phone number.  The new owner must also sign a copy of our Policies page.).  We need to hear right away, however, that you need to find your puppy/dog a new home because we do not always have somewhere here to have the dog.  We usually will only help find a new home.  Each buyer/adopter of  our puppies/adults agrees to never drop their puppy/adult from us in a shelter.  OUR TWO GUARANTEES ARE NOT VALID IF THE PUPPY/DOG CHANGES HOMES WITHOUT THE CONSENT OF JAMES AND PATRICIA KOOL.        

b.) Transportation of the puppy/dog back to us is required by you if you no longer can keep your puppy/dog if we ask for him/her back.

10.   The AKC form for an AKC purebred puppy will be sent to the new owner after he/she fulfills policy #8.

11.  Please also send your email address and a large self-addressed and stamped envelope when you send us the information stated in #8 above.  Any information that is missing when we receive it will cause us to set aside what you sent until you contact us to see what is happening with what you sent.



Any discrepancies or disagreements with regards to this document must be filed with a court of law in Ionia County, Michigan, in the name of James R. Kool and Northern Glories.  If, however, James Kool and/or Northern Glories were to be living in a different county and/or state at the time of filing, then the filing must be made in the county and state that James Kool and/or Northern Glories resides in at the time of filing.  Deposits are NON-refundable.  ALL payments of every type, whether for a deposit, for the full purchase price, for shipping/transportation, for spay/neuter, etc., once received by Northern Glories are also non-refundable.  No charge backs of any type for any reason through Integrity One are allowed.  There will only be a puppy/adult given if needed rather than a refund.  Northern Glories does not guarantee for coat color, coat length, size, weight, or height.  Our General Health Guarantee and Genetic Guarantee are a part of this binding contract.

12.  Please date, print your name(s), AND also sign it.  ALL legal owners of the puppy/adult MUST sign this Policies page:

                      I, the puppy buyer(s), agree to the above policies.                     Printed name(s):                                                

                     Your signature(s):                                                                   Date:                            

Please sign above, print your name(s), date,  and either email us a copy or send it in the mail to us.  Thanks!!