Privacy Policy
        Northern Glories adheres to the following policy for keeping our buyers' and potential buyers' information private:

1.  When inquiring about and/or buying a puppy or a dog from Northern Glories, the following information is collected:
     name, address, email address, and phone number. 
     During a required phone/email interview, information will be collected that helps us to see if the potential buyer will make a
     good dog owner, to see what kind of environment the puppy or dog will live in, to see what knowledge the potential buyer
     has about dogs, to assist in evaluating whether or not a specific puppy or puppy litter will be right for the potential
     buyer, and to help us remember each buyer over the years. Any additional information that the potential buyer or buyer
     offers may also be collected for the same reasons just mentioned.

2.  No information given to us will be published in any way unless we are given consent by the buyer. If the buyer is having
     their puppy shipped by plane, however, name, address, and phone number are given to our vet clinic for the required shipping
     health certificate. This information then is forwarded by our vet clinic to the appropriate government agency that deals
     with shipping health certificates. If having a puppy shipped, name, address, and phone number are also given to the airline
     used as a requirement by the airline. AKC records for an AKC purebred puppy are also kept in our home and required to be
     made available to an AKC representative if asked for. This AKC record contains the name, address, phone number, and puppy
     identified that the buyer purchased. If a credit card or debit card is used by the buyer through Integrity One, the required photo of the license will never be given to anyone except Integrity One if the buyer ever initiates a chargeback. We also give out once in awhile a name, email address, and phone number of a buyer, never a      
     potential buyer, if references are asked for by a potential buyer. We do not notify you in advance about this. Addresses are never         
     given out for this reason.

We do publish, however, if we deem necessary, personal information about the reviewer when a negative review is posted against us.

3.  Information collected during the phone/email interview may be shared with another buyer or potential buyer if it relates to their
     circumstances and may bring them encouragement. Names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses are never given for
     such a reason.

4.  We do not publish or share any information with any other organization not mentioned in #2 or #3 above — ever.

5.  If any information given to us by a buyer or potential buyer is not wanted to be shared as mentioned in #2 or #3 above,
     we need written notification of this. Consent, however, is required for the above mentioned information to be
     given to our vet clinic, appropriate government agency, and airline used if a puppy is being shipped as well as to an AKC
     representative if an AKC puppy is purchased.

6.   We will at times publish on our website a person's name and/or city and/or state and/or date purchased/adopted to show who a
      particular puppy/young adult/adult was bought by/adopted to and when, even if the puppy/young adult/adult has been returned to
      us.  We reserve the right to do this.

7,  Any email exchanges, Instagram messages, Facebook messages, any written messages, and/or correspondences of any type from Northern Glories and/or any of the 6 Kool family members who are a part of Northern Glories to a buyer or inquirer may not be published to the public or sent to anyone else.

8.  If there are any changes made to our privacy policy, the buyer and potential buyer will not be notified. You are welcome,
     though, to check our privacy policy whenever preferred to see if any changes have been made.

Northern Glories