Northern Glories'
AKC purebred
Alaskan Malamute Fathers
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Arrow         Coulson          Warrior          Torch
Valor        Lightwood        Murphy        Shruikan
Past Fathers:
Silver Star(Retired)       Glacier(Retired)      Galaxy(Retired)      Kumbie(Retired)       Ghost Rider (Retired)       Remedy (Retired)        Shinook(Retired)        Power(Retired)        Hero(Retired)        Unity(Retired)
Boom-Lay(Retired)        Burnley(Retired)
Northern Glories'

(God Almighty Is Loving And Eternal)
Northern Glories'

(Love Is The Greatest Of All)
Northern Glories'

(Jesus Saves Us!)
Northern Glories'

(Jesus Christ Is Lord Of Lords)
Northern Glories'

(Jesus Christ Is The Light Of My Life)
Northern Glories'

(Jesus Christ Is Our Savior And Lord)
Northern Glories'

(All Glory To Jesus Our Savior)
Northern Glories'

(Great Is Our God's Love And Mercy)
Vet scale weight: 125 lbs. Still growing.
Long-furred wooly
Very Large GIANT
OFA Hips: Good - AM-14331G32M-VPI. 
OFA Elbows: Normal - AM-EL1266M32VPI.
Vet scale weight: 87 lbs.
Long-furred wooly. Giant(in height)
Shruikan is very tall for his weight.
Shruikan has had his OFA hip and elbow xrays taken, and he passed.  Results coming.
OFA Eyes: AM-EYE635/25M-VPI.
Vet scale weight: 134 lbs.
Long-furred wooly Massive GIANT

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